Towards  Quantization
An Instructional School in Harmonic Analysis

(23-30 Septemeber 2013)

Harish-Chandra Research Institute - Allahabad

Real Variable techniques
z Aim and Scope z

                    This is a conference under the Analysis and Geometry  project at HRI.  The choice of  topics  is based on the  applications to quantization,  with the   aim of introducing Harmonic  Analysis Techniques to  the prospective researchers in this inter disciplinary area.                        

How to Apply

Online Registration (Closed)

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Selected Candidates

* S. Thangavelu 
                         (IISc. Bangalore)
* Shobha Madan  (IIT Kanpur)
* Venky Krishnan (TIFR CAM) 
* Saurabh Kumar Srivastava 
                           (IISER  Bhopal) 
* P. K. Ratnakumar         (HRI) 
* Rukmini Dey                 (HRI)
* Gadadhar Mishra 
                    (IISc.,  Bangalore )
Organiser:  Ratnakumar P.K  HRI