The condensed matter group is mainly involved in studies on quantum matter. This includes modelling of materials, ab-initio computations and mesoscopic systems. Other interests include non-linear dynamics and statistical physics.


Recent Talks

Group talk

  • Kush Saha (University of Sherbrooke, Canada): 08 January 2015, Phonon-induced topological insulation


  • Sumathi Rao (HRI, Allahabad): 13 November 2014, Weyl fermions in condensed matter
  • Sajeev Y (BARC, Mumbai): 15 October 2014, Ab initio many-body methods for electronic bound states coupled to the ionization continuum
  • Subhro Bhattacharjee (MPIPKS, Dresden): 04 September 2014, Interplay of spin-orbit coupling and electron-electron correlation in Iridates


  • Subhro Bhattacharjee (MPIPKS, Dresden): 03 September 2014, Quantum Spin Liquids
  • Ganpathy Murthy (University of Kentucky): 01 September 2014, Fractionally Filled Chern Bands

A more complete list of activities can be found here


Members of this group are involved in research primarily in three subfields:

Materials Theory

Correlated Electron Systems

First Principle Studies

Mesoscale Physics

Low Dimensional Quantum Systems


Statistical Physics

Non-linear Dynamics


  • Spectroscopic signatures of the Mott transition on the anisotropic triangular lattice
    Rajarshi Tiwari and Pinaki Majumdar; EPL 108 27007
  • Proximity induced superconductivity in Weyl semi-metals
    Udit Khanna, Arijit Kundu, Saurabh Pradhan, Sumathi Rao; PRB 90, 195430
  • Electronic and magnetic properties of 3d transition metal-doped strontium clusters: Prospective magnetic superatoms
    V Chauhan, P Sen; Chemical Physics 417, 37
  • Transport and STM studies of hyperbolic surface states of topological insulators
    U Khanna, S Pradhan, S Rao; Physical Review B 87 (24), 245411
  • Magnon spectrum in the domain ferromagnetic state of antisite-disordered double perovskites
    SK Das, VN Singh, P Majumdar; Physical Review B 88 (21), 214428
  • Ab initio and anion photoelectron studies of Rhn (n = 1−9) clusters
    MR Beltran, FB Zamudio, V Chauhan, P Sen, K Bowen; European journal of physics D 67, 63



Secretary, Condensed Matter Group
Harish-Chandra Research Institute
Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi
Allahabad, India- 211019


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