Members of the astrophysics group here at HRI are involved in research on a diverse set of problems, with cosmology and high energy astrophysics defining the key themes.

Currently being the least populated group of HRI (since 2012), the astrophysics group consists of a permanent faculty member, two post doctoral fellows, two regular Ph.D. student, and a Ph.D. student from S N Bose National Centre for Basic Science, Kolkata who shares the faculty member of the astrophysics group as his official co-supervisor.

The group also very generously and frequently supports the visit of junior university students to work toward their master's thesis under the supervision of the academic members of the group.

The group encourages young bright undergraduate and post graduate students with Physics, Mathematics or Engineering background from India and abroad to visit the group (with full financial support) and to work with the members of the group. Several such students visit the group every year. Many of them published research papers in esteemed international journals with very high impact factors, based on the work done (in collaboration with the academic members of the group) during their stay at HRI.

Members of the group regularly work in collaboration with scientists from various research institutes abroad, and such foreign collaborators visit the group. In many cases, their visits are supported by the group.

Research work done by the members of the group are essentially focused on various aspects of astrophysics and gravitational physics, with particular emphasis on high energy astrophysical phenomena like black hole accretion and the astrophysics of our Galactic centre, analogue gravity, aspects of general theory of relativity, dark matter astrophysics, rotation curves and the application of dynamical systems approach to study the large scale behavior of astrophysical and cosmological fluid flow under strong gravity.

Along with the a faculty member and his students of the condensed matter physics group of HRI, some members of the astrophysics group have started looking into interdisciplinary problems like simulation of black hole space time in low temperature systems, the Bose Einstein condensates (analogue effects in BEC), for example.

Members of the group serve as the referee of eminent international journals, members of the grant approval committee of various EU countries, and serve as the member of the editorial board of international journals in astrophysics.