January 28    -   February 9, 2008

The main aim of the school is to teach basic ideas in the field of low-dimensional nanoelectronics to students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty members in the country, in order to initiate and further research in this area.

 Lecturers and their topics : 
 N. Andrei : Kondo effect in quantum dots  

 (Rutgers University, U.S.A)
 J. von Delft: Bosonisation and Luttinger liquids  
 (University of Munich, Germany)
 J. Eisenstein : Quantum Hall effect and more  

 (Caltech, U. S. A)
 Y. Gefen : Quantum dots 
 (Weizmann Institute, Israel)
 J. K. Jain : Composite fermion theory  
 (Penn State University, U.S.A)
 J. Koenig : Spin transport 
 (Ruhr University, Germany)
 L. Levitov : Noise in nanoelectronic systems 
 (MIT, U. S. A)
 A. Mirlin : Quantum transport in disordered systems 
 (Karlsruhe University, Germany)
 G. Montambaux : Interference and interaction effects in nanoelectronic systems 
 (University of Paris, France)
 A. Shnirman : Decoherence in nanoscale devices 
 (University of Innsbruck, Austria )

Applications are invited for participation in the school from students working for their PhD degrees or from post-doctoral fellows/junior faculty members working in mesoscopic physics or with an interest in mesoscopic physics. Exceptionally motivated Master's students will also be considered. Selected applicants will receive support for travel (III/II A.C./II by train) and full board and lodging.  Please send (in plain text or pdf format) your academic qualifications, research experience and list of publications to by October 15, 2007. Students should also arrange for at least one letter of recommendation to be sent to the same address. 

Convenor : Sumathi Rao  
Co - Convenor : Yuval Gefen 
Programme Committee : G. Baskaran, Yuval Gefen, Sumathi Rao, Diptiman Sen and Krishnendu Sengupta
Local Organising Committee : Pinaki Majumdar, Tribhuvan Pareek, Sumathi Rao and Prasenjit Sen  

E-mail address : 
Fax number : 91 (532) 2567 748  
Telephone numbers : 91 (532) 2569 509, 2569 578, 2569 318  
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 Seminar speakers and their topics :  
 G. Baskaran : Graphene
 (IMSc, Chennai)
  M. Buttiker : Coherent capacitors
 (University of Geneva, Switzerland)
  M. Deshmukh : Experiments in nanoelectronics
 (TIFR, Mumbai)
  V. Falko : Graphene
 (University of Lancaster, U. K. )  
  M. Kiselev : Interplay of spin and charge
 (ICTP, Italy)  
  I. Lerner : Functional bosonisation
 (University of Birmingham, U. K.)  
  Y. Meir : Quantum point contacts
 (Ben Gurion University, Israel)  
  P. Mohanty : Nanomechanical systems
 (Boston University, U. S. A)  
  F. von Oppen : Molecular conductors
 (Free University of Berlin, Germany)  
  Y. Oreg : Two channel Kondo effect
 (Weizmann Institute, Israel)  
  T. Pareek : Spintronics
 (HRI, Allahabad)  
  D. Sen : Junctions of quantum wires
 (IISc, Bangalore)  
  K. Sengupta : Transport in superconducting graphene junctions
 (TCMP division, SINP, Kolkata)  
  A. K. Sood : Nanotubes and graphene
 (IISc, Bangalore)  
Also sponsored by Centre for Applied Mathematics and Computational Science, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata; Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Chennai and Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar