How to reach the campus

How to reach the campus



In Allahabad, the Institute is known as HRI. The Institute campus is 13 Kms away from Allahabad Junction Railway Station. Allahabad Junction railway station has two sides namely City Side and Civil lines side.


You have to come to civil lines side to reach our city guest house. Our Institute buses run between the campus and the institute city guest house at regular intervals. The city Guest house is located at:


Harish-Chandra Research Institute

1-A/3 Bank Road

Near Lakshmi Talkies crossing


Ph. No. 2644127, 2640596



The city guest house is about 5 kms from the civil lines side of Allahabad Junction Railway station. You can get cycle rickshaws for about Rs, 25/- or auto rickshaws for about Rs. 50/- to reach our city guest house. While taking Cycle/ Auto/Tempo rickshaws, you should tell him that you want to go to Bank Road which closes to Laxmi talkies. Once you can reach city guest house, then you should take our Institute bus to come to the campus.


If you come as a group, then you hire a whole tempo (3wheelers) to come to the campus (rate is about Rs. 160-180/-). One has to bargain a bit. For this, first you should come to the city side (not civil lines side) of the Allahabad Junction railway station. In the city side only you can find many tempos. You should tell him that you want to go to Chhatnag Ghat, Jhunsi. Possibly he will know HRI. If not, you can tell him that you have to go to Birla School. Just before Birla School, HRI campus is situated. The route to the campus from Allahabad Railway station is following: It will take you through densely populated road upto toll gate which is just before Shastri Bridge over the holy river Ganges, then it will continue its journey in the G. T. road about 4kms journey from Shastri Bridge, it has to take a right turn (turning point is known as Chak) at which there is sign board of HRI as well as Birla School. From this point another 3 kms to reach campus through the village road.



If you have any problem please contact the HRI main gate on the following Ph nos.:


2274350, 22764351