We will have a school on `Functional Materials' at Harish-Chandra Research Institute Allahabad, in end March 2011. This is a collaborative effort between Harish-Chandra Research Institute and the Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics (SINP), Kolkata, with support from the Cavendish Laboratory (Cambridge).

The school will cover magnetic materials (manganites and DMS), ferroelectrics and multiferroics, thermoelectrics, and interfaces and heterostructures involving these materials.

The school will be for 5 days, 28th March - 1 April, followed by a two day conference on related topics. The target audience includes masters level and graduate students in physics (both theory and experiment).

Click here to see the list of selected participants.

The program for the school is available here.

The talks of the speakers for the school can be downloaded from the Program page.


  • Peter Littlewood (Cambridge): Interfaces, theory
  • Anand Bhattacharya (Argonne) : Interfaces, experiments
  • Maxim Mostovoy (Groningen): Multiferroics, theory
  • Neil Mathur (Cambridge): Multiferroics, experiments
  • Umesh Waghmare (JNCASR) : Thermoelectrics, theory
  • Jeffrey Snyder (Caltech) : Thermoelectrics, experiments
  • Daniel Khomskii (Koeln) : Manganites, theory
  • Y. Tomioka (Tsukuba) : Manganites, experiments
  • Allan MacDonald (UT Austin): Diluted Magnetic Semiconductors


  • Pinaki Majumdar (HRI Allahabad)
  • G. Venketeswara Pai (HRI Allahabad)
  • Y. Sudhakar (SINP Kolkata)
  • Peter Littlewood (Cambridge)


  • R. Ananthi
  • Office 104
  • Phone: (0532)227 4348