Workshop on Physics of Strong Correlation at H.R.I.


Workshop on Physics of Strong Correlation at H.R.I.

Harish Chandra Research Institute,
Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi,
Allahabad-211019 UP, INDIA

Date : 12-14 November 2010


  1. Magnetic Oxides and Semiconductors, Multiferroics
  2. Mott Systems, Cuprates, Superconductivity
  3. Quantum Spin Systems
  4. Heavy Fermions
  5. Cold Atoms


Aranya BhattacherjeeARSD College, Univ. Delhi
Amit GhosalIISER-Kolkata
Sankalpa GhoshIIT-D
Brijesh KumarJNU
Sudhansu MandalIACS
Rajesh NarayananIIT-M
Ramesh PaiUni-Goa
T. V. RamakrishnanBHU & IISC
Debanand SaBHU
Prabudha SanyalUniv. of Hyderabad
Krishnendu SenguptaIACS
Arghya TaraphderIIT-KGP


Below are the details of the program.

12 November09:00-09:30Registration
09:30-11:00Heavy FermionsVidhyadhiraja
11:30-13:00Mott Physics IAmit Ghosal
Rajesh Narayanan
14:30-16:00Cold Atoms IRamesh Pai
Aranya Bhattacherjee
13 November09:30-11:00Many-Body DynamicsKrishnendu Sengupta
11:30-13:00Condensates/Cold Atoms IISudhansu Mandal
Sankalpa Ghosh
14:30-16:00Magnetism/Quantum SpinsBrijesh Kumar
Prabuddha Sanyal
16:00-19:00Poster Session
14 November09:30-11:00Mott Phys IIT.V. Ramakrishnan
11:30-13:00Mott Phys IIIDebanand Sa
Arghya Taraphder


Aranya B. BhattacherjeeCavity Quantum Optics of Bose Einstein Condensates
Amit GhosalSelf-consistent Calculations for Inhomogeneous Correlated Systems
Sankalpa GhoshCold Atoms in Rotating Optical Lattice
Brijesh KumarBond-operators for Spin-S Dimers, and the Case of Quantum Ground State in the
Classical Limit in Frustrated Antiferromagnets
Sudhansu S. MandalRole of Disorder in Superconducting Transition
Rajesh NarayananQuantum Griffiths Effects in Layered Systems
Ramesh V. PaiMott Insulator and Superfluid Shells in the Bose-Hubbard Model
T. V. RamakrishnanCorrelated Electron Systems : A Gauge Theory
Debanand SaSingle Impurity Anderson Model - A Gauge Theory
Prabuddha SanyalDouble Exchange in Double Perovskites : Ferromagnetism and Antiferromagnetism
Krishnendu SenguptaAspects of Non-Equilibrium Dynamics of Quantum Many-body Systems
Arghya TaraphderNormal States in Layered Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
N. S. VidhyadhirajaHeavy Fermions : A Brief Review and Some Recent Work

Poster Titles

PresentingPoster Title
Subrat K. DasExcitations in Inhomogeneous Magnets
Sanjoy DattaSpin Filtering using a Quantum Wire Network
Arya DharSignatures of Supersolid in One-dimensional Optical Superlattices
Sudipta KoleyA Strong Correlation Approach to 2D Transition Metal Dichalcogenides
Pramod KumarCrossover from Kondo Lattice to Mixed Valence : Dynamics and Transport
Tarun KumarEntangling Two Bose Einstein Condensates in a Double Cavity System
Sanhita ModakRenormalization Group Approach for Spinor Bose-Fermi Mixture in a Shallow Optical Lattice
Rashi SachdevaCold Atoms in Optical Lattices in Synthetic Magnetic Fields
Kush SahaUltracold Bosons in an Artificial Periodic Magnetic Field
Viveka Nand SinghAntisite Domains in Double Perovskites : Impact on Magnetotransport and Half-metallicity
Rajarshi TiwariNon-collinear Magnetic Order in the Double Perovskites: Double Exchange on a Geometrically Frustrated Lattice


  • Pinaki Majumdar (HRI)
  • Venkat Pai (HRI)
  • Arghya Taraphder (IIT-KGP)

Workshop Secretary

Ananthi R.
Room no. 104
Phone: 0532-227-4348

Accomodation & Transport

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Date: 2010-11-11 03:21:23 IST

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