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How To Reach HRI Campus

All participants who have informed us their travel itinerary will be picked up from the respective train station/airport (Allahabad Jn/Allahabad Airport).

Please note that Allahabad airport is not a fully functional civilian airport and hence we cannot send the cab to exit doors close to the arrival gate. You are requested to leave the airport premises, walk down about 100-150m to the main street where a cab will wait for you with a name-board "HRI"

Those of you who travel by train should get down at Allahabad Junction and exit via Platform Number 1 to the "City side" of the station. Please DO NOT exit via Platform Number 10 to the "Civil Lines side" and we wish to inform you that we will not be able to send a cab to Civil lines side of the station. A cab will wait for you at the City side with a name-board "HRI".

In either case, you may have to share the cab if there are multiple (almost) simultaneous arrival of participants.

Request the cab driver to take you to the HRI guest house and to wait at the GH for some time. Some of you are accommodated in apartments on campus and after registering your entry at the Guest House, the same cab will be able to take you to those apartments.

You are requested to write down any problems you face or any complaints you have regarding pick-up/drive on the form the cab driver will hand over to you at the end of the journey.

You may contact any of the emergency numbers provided with.(+91-) However, if you miss the cab and emergnecy numbers are not responding, you may wish to try out the following as a last resort.

In Allahabad, Harish-Chandra Research Institute is known as HRI. The Institute campus is 13 Kms away from the train station, named Allahabad Junction. The train statiion has two sides namely `City side' and `Civil Lines side'.

(1) If you come out of the `Civil lines side', you need to catch cycle/auto-rickshaws to reach our city guest house. Our Institute buses run between the campus and the Institute city guest house (for technical reasons, it is called HRI camp office) at a regular interval. The city guest house is located at:

HRI City Guest House
10A, Kutchery Road (K.G. Marg)
Allahabad 211 002,India
Phone: +91 (532) 2548 140, 2548 150

The city guest house is about 5 Kms from the civil lines side of Allahabad Junction train Stataion. You can get cycle rickshaws for about INR 15-20 or autorickshaws (rare to find) for about INR 50 to reach to the city guest house. While taking cycle/auto- rickshaws, you should tell the driver that you wish to go to Police Lines near State Bank of India (Main branch). Once you see the State bank of India on your right hand side, in just a few meters, you will see HRI City Guest House on your right side. Opposite to State bank of India is the Police lines. In the city guest house, round the clock, at least one security guard is posted and one can check with him the
bus timings of HRI to come to the HRI campus.

(2) If you come as a group, you can hire a whole tempo (3 wheelers) to come directly to the HRI campus (rate is about Rs. 250/-). One may have to bargain a bit. This tempos are available inthe city side (not the civil lines side) of the Allahabad Junction Railway Station. You should tell him that you want to go to Chhatnag Ghat, Jhunsi. Possibly he will be knowing HRI. If not,you can tell him that you have to go to Birla school. Just before Birla school, HRI campus is situated. The enroute to the campus from Allahabadn Railway station is the following. It will take you through densely populous road upto `toll gate' which is just before 'Sastri Bridge' over the holi river Ganges. Then it will continue its journey in the G. T. Road (Grand Trunk road).About 4kms journey from Sastri Bridge, it has to take a right turn (turning point is known as`Chuk') at which there is a sign board of HRI as well as Birla school or Bank of Baroda at HRI campus. From this point, another 3 Kms to reach the campus through the village road. This road leads to the river Ganges (the Ghat is called Chhatnag Ghat and hence this road is called Chhatnag Road). After HRI campus, Birla school and Sada Phal Ashram are there. People know about either Biral School or Sada Phal Ashram.