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Meeting on Transport in Topological Insulators


Name Affiliation Title
Sourin Das University of Delhi Berry phases in topological insulators
Suhas Gangadharaiah IISER, Bhopal Quantum spin hall insulators leading toformation of 1D helical edge states
Arindam Ghosh IISc, Bangalore Colloquium: Electron Transport in ultra-flat Dirac Materials
G.V. Pai HRI, Allahabad Topological insulators and superconductors
Sumathi Rao HRI, Allahabad Exotic particles in topological insulators
Diptiman Sen IISc, Bangalore Majorana end modes and Floquet topological insulators
Krishnendu Sengupta IACS, Kolkata Aspects of graphene and TI's with stress on junctions
R. Shankar IMSc, Chennai Topological bands
Naveen Surendran IISST, Thiruvananthapuram Kitaev models