Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad

Recent Activities

Condensed Matter Seminars

  • Sumilan Banerjee (Weizmann Institute of Science): 02 Feb 2016, Variable-range hopping through marginally localized phonons
  • Sutirtha Mukherjee (IACS Kolkata): 25 Jan 2016, Unconventional fractional quantum Hall states in the lowest Landau level
  • Satyananda Singh Chabungbam (IASST Guwahati): 22 Jan 2016, First principles prediction of the phase properties in Ni-Fe-Ga shape memory alloy
  • Debashree Chowdhury (IIT Kanpur): 18 Jan 2016, Electron vortex b eams and its application to spintronics
  • Sourin Das (Delhi University): 17 Dec 2015, Majorana fermion in one-dimensional topological superconductors
  • Amit Gupta (BHU, Varanasi): 07 Dec 2015, Thermoelectric studies in topological system due to superconductivity and spin-density wave
  • Disha Wadhawan (Delhi University): 19 November 2015, Topological p-n junctions in helical edge states
  • Bhaskaran Muralidharan (IIT Bombay): 22 September 2015, Nanoscale transport theory for charge, spin and energy
  • Prosenjit Singha Deo (SNBNCBS, Calcutta): 21 September 2015, Negative partial density of states in mesoscopic systems
  • Amit Agarwal (IIT Kanpur): 15 May 2015, Collective density and spin excitations (plasmons) in spin polarized 2DEG and in graphene
  • Auditya Sharma (Tel Aviv University, Israel): 13 April 2015, Landauer current and mutual information
  • Arijit Kundu (Indiana University Bloomington, US): 01 April 2015, Topology and Transport in Periodically Driven Systems
  • Sumathi Rao (HRI, Allahabad): 13 November 2014, Weyl fermions in condensed matter
  • Sajeev Y (BARC, Mumbai): 15 October 2014, Ab initio many-body methods for electronic bound states coupled to the ionization continuum
  • Subhro Bhattacharjee (MPIPKS, Dresden): 04 September 2014, Interplay of spin-orbit coupling and electron-electron correlation in Iridates
  • Yuval Gefen (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): 02 September 2014, Coulomb blockade in the Quantum Hall Regime
  • Ipsita Mandal (Perimeter Institute): 25 August 2014, Low Energy Physics of a Non-Fermi Liquid System
  • Anupam Gupta (Univ. of Rome): 12 August 2014, Statistical studies of non-Newtonian effects in turbulent and confined laminar flows
  • Sumiran Pujari (TIFR, Mumbai): 29 May 2014, Neel to Valence-Bond Solid transition on the honeycomb lattice: Evidence for Deconfined Criticality
  • Deepak Dhar (TIFR, Mumbai): 21 January 2014, Understanding 1/f noise

Physics Colloquium

  • Sumilan Banerjee (Weizmann Institute of Science): 03 Feb 2016, Chiral magnetism, skyrmions and nanoscale superparamagnetism in oxide interfaces
  • Diptiman Sen (IISc. Bangalore): 27 March 2015, Majorana fermions in one dimension
  • J. K. Bhattacharjee (HRI, India): 28 February 2015, Patterns in Nature
  • Subhro Bhattacharjee (MPIPKS, Dresden): 03 September 2014, Quantum Spin Liquids
  • Ganpathy Murthy (University of Kentucky): 01 September 2014, Fractionally Filled Chern Bands
  • Yuval Gefen (The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel): 29 August 2014, Weak Measurements & Weak Values : A Peephole into Quantum Mechanics
  • Somenath Biswas (IIITA): 22 August 2014, Computational complexities associated with protein folding
  • Arindam Ghosh (IISc): 12 July 2013, Electron transport in ultra-flat Dirac Materials
  • Amit Dutta (IIT Kanpur): 26 April 2013,Quench Dynamics of Edge States in 2-D Topological Insulator Ribbons.
  • Jay Deep Sau (Univ. of Maryland): 25 March 2014, Non-Abelian Majorana modes at generic spin-orbit coupled semiconductor/superconductor

Group Talks

  • Sauri Bhattacharaya (HRI, Allahabad): 26 July 2016, Bosonic fluctuations in Strongly Correlated Systems
  • Udit Khanna (HRI, Allahabad): 25th July 2016, Edge reconstruction and mode switching in quantum hall states
  • Krishna Mohan Tripathi (HRI, Allahabad): 20th July 2016, Fingerprints of Majorana bound states in Aharonov Bohm geometry
  • Dibya Kanti Mukherjee (HRI, Allahabad): 19th July 2016, Chiral nodes and oscillations in the Josephson current in Weyl semimetals
  • Ruchi Saxena (HRI, Allahabad): 13th July 2016, Topological Phases in Driven 2D Dirac Systems with SO-coupling
  • Saurabh Pradhan (HRI, Allahabad): 15 October 2015, Some studies in correlated electron systems
  • Arijit Dutta (HRI, Allahabad): 31 July 2015, Externally driven metallisation of the Mott insulator
  • Udit Khanna (HRI, Allahabad): 30 July 2015, Edge reconstruction in integer quantum Hall states
  • Samrat Kadge (HRI, Allahabad): 29 July 2015, Magnetism at oxide interfaces
  • Abhishek Joshi (HRI, Allahabad): 28 July 2015, A phase fluctuation theory of the bosonic superfluid-Mott problem
  • Krashna Mohan Tripathi (HRI, Allahabad): 27 July 2015, Shot noise signatures of Majorana zero modes
  • Aditya Banerjee (HRI, Allahabad): 24 July 2015, Three dimensional fractionalized gapless states from stacked half-filled quantum Hall liquids
  • Priyanka Mohan (HRI, Allahabad): 23 July 2015, A tale of two Kitaev models
  • Dibyakanti Mukherjee (HRI, Allahabad): 22 July 2015, Resonant tunneling in Weyl semimetals
  • Ruchi Saxena (HRI, Allahabad): 21 July 2015, Charge and valley conductance and tunneling magnetoresistance in silicene junctions
  • Ajanta Maity (HRI, Allahabad): 13 July 2015, First principles studies of phosphorene nano-ribbons and metal-phosphorene interfaces
  • Akansha Singh(HRI, Allahabad): 13 July 2015, Metal clusters on substrates: morphologies and applications
  • Nyayabanta Swain (HRI, Allahabad): 10 July 2015, Mott transition and novel magnetism on strongly frustrated lattices
  • Kush Saha (University of Sherbrooke, Canada): 08 January 2015, Phonon-induced topological insulation
  • Madhuparna Karmakar: 18 September 2014, Strong coupling superconductors in the extreme Pauli limit
  • Abhishek Joshi: 14 August 2014, Superfluid-insulator transition with speckle disorder
  • Samrat Kadge: 13 August 2014, Magnetism across a manganite interface
  • Arijit Dutta: 13 August 2014, Nonequilibrium response in a correlated system
  • Ipsita Mandal (Perimeter Institute): 25 August 2014, Low Energy Physics of a Non-Fermi Liquid System
  • Anupam Gupta (Univ. of Rome): 12 August 2014, Statistical studies of non-Newtonian effects in turbulent and confined laminar flows
  • Krishnamohan Tripathi: 16 July 2014, The quantum anomalous Hall effect
  • Ruchi Saxena: 15 July 2014, Transport in ferromagnet-superconductor junctions in silicene
  • Udit Khanna: 14 July 2014, Proximity induced superconductivity in Weyl semi-metals
  • Dibya Kanti Mukherjee: 10 July 2014, Modelling 2D and 3D topological insulators using the Dirac equation
  • Saurabh Pradhan: 08 July 2014, Competition between charge density wave and antiferromagnetism in the Holstein-Hubbard Model
  • Aditya Banerjee: 04 July 2014, A transfer matrix based study of a class of 1D topological superconductors with spatially varying chemical potential profiles
  • Priyanka Mohan: 03 July 2014, Quantum Griffiths effects in a classical system: The layered Heisenberg model

Journal Club Talks