The theme of this school is to exhibit some fundamental properties of Schur multipliers of groups and its relationship with two nearby topics, namely non-abelian tensor product of groups and Bogomolov multiplier. Schur multiplier has been an interesting and useful area of study since its appearance in 1904 in the work of Issai Schur on projective representations. Non-abelian tensor product of groups is a relatively new topic which has attracted the attention of many mathematicians recently in connection with study of Schur multipliers and capability of groups. Bogomolov multiplier of a group appears as certain subgroup of Schur multiplier and is very important invariant of the group which has direct application in classical Noether's problem.


All the outstation participants will be provided local hospitality. Exact location of your accommodation will be communicated to you on your arrival at the instutute.


The school is mainly targeted to Ph.D. students and motivated M.Sc. students in Mathematics.