Sl. No. Acc. No. TITLES
1 B2873 Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics
2 B3544 Windows 95 Communication and Online Secrets
3 B3545 World Wide Web Secrets
4 B3576 Internet CD
5 B3743 Unix Developer's tool kit
6 B3975 Simulations for solid state physics
7 B4017 The physical review-the hundred years
8 B4051 Running a Perfect Internet site with Linux
9 B4162 TCL / TK Tools
10 B4183 The CGI Book
11 B4184 Developing Intranet Applications with Java
12 B4247 Java: By Example
13 B4252 Practical Programming in TCL and TK
14 B4282 Zen of Graphics Programming
15 B4871 Understanding SGML and XML tools
16 B5121 Wavelet Toolware
17 B6149 Building Linux Clusters
18 B6152 Internet Core Protocols: the Definitive guide
19 B6168 Explorations in Quantum Computing
20 B6242 Quantum Well, Wires and Dots
21 B6329 Molecular Cell Biology
22 B6340 The History of Mathematics from antiquity to the present
23 B6682 Essential Cell Biology
24 B6713 Development Biology
25 B6727 The Self-Made Tapestry
26 B6729 Programming Python
27 B6811 A Course in Computational Number Theory
28 B6940 Nobel Lectures 1901-1995
29 B7101 Calendrical Calculations
30 B7333 A Singular Introduction to Commutative algebra
31 B7340 An Interactive introduction to Mathematical Analysis
32 B7341 Object-Oriented Programming via Fortron 90/95
33 B7521 Computer Algebra and Handbook
34 B7581 Mastering PHP 4.1
35 B7729 Mathematical Methods using Mathematica
36 B7746 Applied Quantum Mechanics
37 B7768 Interactive Quantum Mechanics
38 B8548 Handbook of Finsler Geometry
39 B8629 The Squid Gaint Synapse
40 B8640 Differential Equation with Mathematica
41 B8811 Special Relativity
42 B8845 The Heart of Mathematics
43 B8846 Introduction to Nanoscale Science and Technology
44 B8876 Superficies
45 B8906 A first course in computational physics and object-oriented programming with C++
46 B8943 Advanced Visual Quantum Mechanics
47 B8975 Mathematical Computing
48 B9057 Springer Handbook of Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
49 B9514 Computational fluid dynamics
50 B9616 Handbook of Electronic and Photonic Materials
51 B9619 Multimedia Fluid Mechanics
52 B9875 Table of Integrals, Series and Products
53 B9882 Data Analysis
54 B9939 International Congress of Mathematicians
55 B9986 Microbes in Motion II
56 B9991 Statistical Mechanics
57 B17286 Numerical Methods in Astrophysics
58 B17296 The Physics of Granular Media
59 B17332 Medical Cell Biology
60 B17431 Essential Cell Biology
61 B17432 Essential Cell Biology
62 B17433 Essential Cell Biology
63 B17434 Essential Cell Biology
64 B17490 Discovering Mathematics with Maple
65 B17496 Mathematica by Example
66 B17497 The Mathemtica Guide Book
67 B17680 The Latex Companion
68 B17682 The Latex Companion
69 B17727 A Practical Guide to Data Structures and Algorithms Using JAVA
70 B17736 Computer Solution in Physics
71 B17744 Scheduling
72 B17848 Fundamentals of MRI
73 B17953 Dictionary on Lie Algebras and Super algebras
74 B18158 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
75 B18180 Life Illuminated
76 B18187 Human Physiology
77 B18199 A Survey of Computational Physics
78 B18208 Numerical Computational Methods
79 B18333 Visual Quantum Mechnaics
80 B18383 Introduction to Probability with Mathematica
81 B18391 Quantum Mechanics
82 B18543 A Physicist's Guide to Matahematica
83 B18550 Open Source Physics
84 B18733 Holomorphic Functions in the Plane and n-Dimensional Space
85 B18793 Advanced Engineering Mathematics
86 B18797 Classification Algorithms for Codes and Design
87 B18927 Computer Algebra and Handbook
88 B19012 Handbook of fitting statistical distribution with R
89 B19348 Principles of Physics
90 B19349 Physics
91 B19399 From Atoms to Galaxies
92 B19400 Mathematical methods in physics
93 B19680 Oeuvres Scientifiques
94 G273 Numerical Methods for Scientists and Engineers
94 G846 Some aspects of grand unified theory