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Mathematics activities at HRI

The mathematics group at HRI is involved in research in several areas of mathematics. It also conducts a graduate program. In addition to regular seminars, HRI often hosts conferences on topics of interest to the mathematics group. This page provides information on the current activities of the mathematics group.


  Please visit the SYM Project Home Page for the details of the conferences and other activities to be held during the years 2007-2011.

Past Conferences/Meetings

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We have regular seminars and colloquia. For the current/past seminars/colloquia click here.

Summer Programme in Mathematics

HRI conducts the Summer Program in Mathematics (SPIM), a scheme for introducing interesting mathematics to undergraduates who have spent three or more years at college. The programme involves intensive lectures on selected topics over a month in the summer of every year.

Students who do well at the SPIM are often invited to spend further periods at HRI, and are considered for admission to the mathematics graduate program. The programme has, in the past, provided HRI with several graduate students.

Information on the SPIM will be available in these pages, before the start of the programme each year. The SPIM web site contains more information about the SPIM programme.