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Mathematics Graduate Programme Timetable

Timetable For First Semester Courses (August to December 2018)

Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10-11:30 Analysis I Topology I Analysis I Topology I
11:35-13:05 Algebra I Algebra I

All lectures will be in the Middle Floor Discussion Room, Main Building.

  Algebra I
  P. Batra
  Analysis I
  Hemangi M. Shah
  Topology I
  C. S. Dalawat

First Day of Instruction: 6 August 2018

Mid-Semester Examinations: 1 October to 5 October 2018

Mid-Semester Break: 6 October to 14 October 2018

Last Day of Instruction: 7 December 2018

End Semester Examinations: 10 December to 14 December 2018

Grades for the Courses: 20 December 2018

(Umesh K. V. Dubey)

For Graduate Committee in Mathematics