The Harish-Chandra Research Institute

Mathematics at HRI

The mathematics group at Harish-Chandra Research Institute conducts research in several areas of mathematics. In addition to a graduate programme in mathematics, the group organizes various conferences, and courses for visiting students.

Research in mathematics

The mathematics group has members working in algebra, analysis, geometry and topology, and number theory. Read more about research in mathematics at HRI.

Graduate studies in mathematics

The group conducts a graduate programme in mathematics, leading to the Ph.D. degree, in collaboration with the Homi Bhaba National Institute (HBNI) and the University of Allahabad. Read more about graduate studies in mathematics at HRI.

Current activities in mathematics

HRI hosts several conferences in mathematics. There is a constant series of graduate courses in the institute. In addition, the mathematics group has regular seminars on various topics. The group also conducts courses for visiting graduate and undergraduate students from other institutions. Read more about current activities in mathematics at HRI.