The Harish-Chandra Research Institute

Seminars and Colloquia held in May 2013

1st May, 2013   "The t-analog of the basic string function for twisted affine Lie algebras"
    Dr. Sachin Sharma, (post-doc) HRI.
2nd May, 2013 :

1. Orbifold wreath products and characteristic invariants expansions:
Infinite exponential and infinite product orbifold
expansion formulas for the Orbifolds Euler and Euler--Satake characterstics.

2.  Orbifold and Non--Orbifold Algebras of certain Hamiltonian
singular spaces as related to singular values of the
momentum map for linear actions.

    Professor Carla Farsi, University of Colorado
2nd and 3rd May, 2013 : "Viscosity Solutions for Hamilton Jacobi (HJ) Equations and its application to Conservation laws"
    Prof Adimurthi, TIFR CAM, Bangalore (adjunct professor in the mathematics at HRI)
28th May, 2013 : "Classification of irreducible, integrable modules for the full toroidal Lie algebras"
    Professor S. Eswara Rao, TIFR Mumbai..