Aim and focus

The workshop aims to provide a broad picture of nanoscale transport ranging from fundamentals to an applied level encompassing related areas from molecular scale electronics, spintronics and energy conversion. Starting from the rudimentary concepts of charge, spin and energy transport at the nanoscale, the broad scope of the workshop brings in various expertise from related frontier areas in the emerging and exploratory device landscape.

The workshop is primarily aimed at senior graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and young faculty working in relevant areas. While the main lectures will be aimed at the younger audience, we plan to have special lectures on frontiers of quantum transport that will be of interest to the experts as well. These will create a platform for exchange of ideas among the experts, and will provide the younger audience with an exposure to the outstanding issues in the field.

Please come back to this page to find more details, and to apply for participation if you are interested.

The conference poster can be found here.

Author: Akansha Singh