Lecture notes

  • Overview of the topics to be covered, B. Muralidharan

  • Molecular thermoelectrics, B. Muralidharan

  • Transport through quantum dots, B. Muralidharan

  • Lessons from nano electronics, Supriyo Datta

  • Introduction to magnetism, P. Majumdar

  • Quantum transport in low-dimensional semiconductor nanostrauctures-1, K. J. Thomas

  • Quantum transport in low-dimensional semiconductor nanostrauctures-2, K. J. Thomas

  • Spintronics: GMR, STT etc., A. Tulapurkar

  • Spintronics, TMR, etc.-1, K. V. Raman

  • Spintronics, TMR, etc.-2, K. V. Raman

  • Metal-semiconductor contacts, S. Lodha

  • Quantum Hall effect, K. Dasgupta

  • Emerging devices, K. Majumdar

  • Thermoelectrics-2, S. D. Mahanti

  • Quantum biomimetics, S. Ganguly

  • QuTip demo, S. Ganguly

  • Spintronics and straintronics, S. Bandyopadhyay

    Author: Akansha Singh