Getting Ready for Physics at the LHC

Regional Centre for Accelerator based Particle Physics

Harish-Chandra Research Institute,
Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi,
Allahabad, 211 019,   India.
February 16-20, 2009


Local Information

How to reach HRI



Organising Committee

The meeting will focus on issues related to precise predictions

for various important processes at the LHC both within the
Standard Model and from New Physics.

The workshop will feature some pedagogical lectures on
such topics like the status of parton distribution functions (pdf),
on higher order corrections to Higgs boson,
top quark and jet production, including the corresponding theoretical
methods and available software packages (see program for more details).
There will also be some advanced-level talks by participants
on their recent research activities. We expect about 40-45
participants from all over India, mostly postdoctoral fellows
and senior researchers and a few people from abroad.
RECAPP at HRI will provide local hospitality to all the participants
of the meeting.