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  1. Academic Secretary, Indian Mathematical Society.

  1. DST Project Investigator, Topological Methods in Combinatorics.

  2. NBHM Zonal Coordinator, HRI, Allahabad

  3. Editorial Member, JIMS

  4. Editorial Member, Indian J Math.

  5. Council Member, National Academy of Sciences, India.

  6. Member, Indian Science Congress Association.

Research Interests:

  1. Topological Group Actions

  2. Cohomological Dimension Theory

  3. Topological Combinatorics

  4. Homotopy Theory

  5. Set Topology.

Problems of Interest:

  1. It is well known that a Hausdorff space which is finitistic is of finite cohomological dimension (Rubin, L.). What about the converse?

  2. A problem of Wayn: Find an example of a Hausdorff nonlocally compact space such that every point has an empty nbd.

  3. E Michael asked for an example of a AR polyhedra which is not simply contrctible. The answer is given by Dydak and also a Russina Mathematician. Simplify that example further.

Courses Taught at HRI

Aug 2005- Dec 2005 (Ist Semester)

Topology I: Contents:

Jan 2006- May 2006 (IInd Semester)

(i) Topology II, Contents:

(ii) Homotopy Theory (IVth Semester): Contents

Aug 2006- Dec 2006 (Ist Semester)

Topology I: Contents:

Jan 2008- May 2008 (IInd Semester)

Topology II, Contents:

Jan 2009- May 2009 (IInd Semester)

Topology II, Contents:

Aug 2009- Dec 2009 (Ist Semester)

Topology I: Contents:

Jan 2011- May 2011 (IInd semester)

Topology II, Contents: