Seminars/ Conferences participated:

  1. Instructional Conference on Homological Methods in Commutative Algebra, TIFR, Bombay, Summer 1971.
  2. DAE Seminar on Global Differential Geometry at the University of Mysore, Summer 1982.
  3. Seminar in Algebra,  Kurukschetra University, Kurukschetra,  1975.
  4. Seminar in Analysis, Panjab University, Chandigarh, 1976.
  5. American Mathematical Society annual meetings at Dallas (Jan 1973), Atlanta ( Jan 1978).
  6. Mathematical Association of America,  regional meetings at Norman,  Oklahoma 1972,  Conway,  Arkansas 1973.
  7. Indian Mathematical Society annual meetings at Allahabad in 1982, Bhagalpur in 1983, Jaipur in 1986, Delhi in 1989, Muzaffarpur in 1993, Pune in 1994, Aligarh in 1995, Rewa in 1999 and  Aurangabad in 2000.
  8. Indian Science Congress Annual conferences at IIT  Bombay, 1968, Varanasi in 1981,  Ranchi in  1985,  Delhi in 1986 and  Bangalore  in 1987.
  9. International Symposium on Spline Theory and its Applications at Jabalpur University,  Jabalpur,  Dec 1982.
  10. Symposium on Recent Advances in Topological and Bitopological spaces, University of Delhi, 1982.
  11. DMV Seminar on Surgery Theory and Geometry of Representations, Dusseldorff, West Germany, July 1987.
  12. The UGC Instructional Conference in Algebraic and Differential Topology, Allahabad, Feb 8-28, 1988.
  13. The NBHM Instructional Conference on Numerical and Finite Element Methods, IGNOU, New Delhi, Oct 22 - Nov 02, 1991.
  14. International Conference on Advances in Computational Mathematics, IGNOU, New Delhi, Jan 05 -09, 1993.
  15. Canadian Mathematical Society summer meetings at Banff in 1994 and  at Calgary in 1996.
  16. National Conference on Geometry and Topology, R.D.University, Jabalpur, Dec 18-22, 1995.
  17. Conference on Topology and Geometry, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Dec 18-23, 1996.
  18. Workshop on Novikov Conjecture, ISI,  Calcutta, Dec 98.
  19. American Mathematical Society Meeting at Toronto, Canada,  Sep 2000.
  20. Conference on Low-Dimensional Topology, University of Allahabad  and HRI (jointly),  Allahabad  in Dec 2000.
  21. Workshop on Topological Methods in Group Theory, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, July 2002.
  22. Annual conference of the West Zone Vice Chancellors at Nagpur, Sep 2002.
  23. All India Vice-Chancellors' Conference at SNDT University, Mumbai, Dec 2002.
  24. Presided over the lecture of Prof. T. Pati at the University of Allahabad on the occasion of the celebration of 75 years of Prof. H.C. Khare as a mathematician.
  25. Two day conference of the Vice-hancellors of NAAC accredited universities at the India International Center, New Delhi, May 2003.
  26. Annual Conference on "History of Mathematics", Raipur University, Raipur, Chhatisgarh, Nov 2003
  27. Annual Conference of the International Academy of Physical Sciences, Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur, Dec 2003
  28. AMS-India Joint meeting at IISc, Bangalore, Dec 2003.
  29. Three lectures in AFS-II on Simplicial Homology Theory at HRI, Allahabad, December 2004.
  30. Annual Conference of the Ramanujan Mathematical Society, University of Calicut, Kerala, July 2005
  31. Annual Conference of Indian Math Society, IIT Roorkee, Dec 2005
  32. Annual Conference of the Jammu Mathematical Society, Jammu Feb 2006.
  33. International Congress of Mathematicians, Madrid, Spain, Aug 2006.
  34. Annual Conference of Bharat Ganit Parishad, University of Lucvknow, Lucknow, Nov 2006
  35. Annual Conference of Indian Mathematical Society, R.D.University, Jabalpur, Dec27-30, 2006.
  36. Centenary Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society, University of Poona, Pune, Dec 27-30,  2007
  37. 74th annual conference of the  Indian Mathematical Society, University of Allahabad, Allahabad, Dec 27-30, 2008

Invited talks delivered:

  1. Instructional Conference at the TIFR, Bombay, Summer 1971,  one-hour lecture on Regular Local Rings - Nagata's Theorem.
  2. MRI, Allahabad, Aug 1976,  One hour lecture on Smith Fixed Point Theorems.
  3. Department of Mathematics,  IIT Kanpur, Feb 1975, One hour lecture on Large cohomological dimensions.
  4. University of Arkansas at Pine-Bluff,  Russelville and Conway (1977-1978), one hour each on (i) Cantor Sets (ii) Curves in Planes (iii) Cauchy's Theorem and Homology respectively.
  5. Colloquium lectures at Mathematics Departments of the universities of Allahabad, Jammu,  Arkansas, on Topics of contemporary interests.
  6. International Symp. on Spline Theory and Applications, Jabalpur Dec 27-31, 1981, One hour talk on Compact subsets of real line admitting free Z-actions.
  7. Recent Advances on Topological and Bitopological spaces,  University of Delhi,  Jan  2-4, 1981,  one hour lecture on Group actions on finitistic spaces.
  8. Forty Eigth Annual Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society, Bhagalpur,  Dec   27-30, 1982, one hour lecture on Tautness of cohomology theories.
  9. Seventy First Annual Conference of the Indian Science Congress,  Jan 3-8, 1984,  on  Orbit spaces and the Connor Conjecture.
  10. A series of six seminar lectures at the Indian Statistical Institute, New Delhi,  Summer 1983 on Sheaves,  their cohomology and the cohomological dimensions.
  11. Department of Mathematics,  University of Meerut, March 1986,  one-hour lecture on  Development of Category Theory.
  12. Society of Mathematical Sciences,  University of Delhi, April 1985,  one hour talk on  Group actions on manifolds.
  13. Fifty Second Annual Conference of the Indian Mathematical Society Jaipur,  Dec 27-30,  1986, one hour talk on  Converse of Smith fixed point theorems -the smooth case.
  14. Seventy Fourth Annual Conference of the Indian Science Congress,  Bangalore,  1987,  half-hour talk on  Completely finitistic spaces.
  15. A series of four seminar lectures at the Universitat Tubingen,  West Germany,  June 1987,  on  Topology of finitistic spaces.
  16. A seminar lecture at the Mathematisches Institute,  Konstanz, West Germany,  June 1987,  one hour talk on  Orbit spaces of finitistic spaces.
  17. A Series of nine Seminar-Lectures at the Carleton University,  Ottawa, Sep-Nov 1987 on  Cohomology structure of fixed point  sets and orbit spaces.
  18. Colloquium Lecture at the Memorial University,  St John's, New Foundland,  Oct 1987 on  Group Actions and the Hilbert-Smith Conjecure.
  19. Colloquium Lecture at the University of St Louis,  St Louis,  Missouri, Oct 1987,  on  Cohomology Theory of Group Actions.
  20. Colloquium Lecture at the University of Arkansas,  Fayetteville,  Nov 1987,  on Retraction properties of the orbit spaces.
  21. Four one-and-half hour lectures at the NBHM Instructional Conference on Algebraic and Differential Topology at the University of Allahabad,  Feb 8-28, 1988, on  Foundational lectures on Transformation Groups.
  22. Two Seminar Lectures at the University of Calgary, Calgary,  Sept 1988,  one hour each on  Tautness in cohomology theories.
  23. Colloquium Lecture at the Carleton University,  Ottawa,  Dec 1,  1988,  on  Algebraic dimension and the Alexandroff's Problem.
  24. Colloquium Lecture at the University of Calgary,  Dec 15,  1988,  on  Cohomological dimensions and the Alexandroff's Problem.
  25. Annual conference of the Indian Mathematical Society, University of Delhi, Dec 27-30, 1989,  one hour lecture on Isomorphic Burnside Rings.
  26. Conference on Mathematics,  Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi,  Dec 21-22, 1990,  one hour lecture on  Group representations and the Burnside Rings.
  27. Two one-hour lectures at the NBHM Instructional Conference at IGNOU,  New Delhi,  Oct 22-Nov 2, 1991, on Dimension of Multivariate Spline Spaces.
  28. Three one-hour lectures at the Institute of Technology,  BHU, Varanasi, Jan 1992,  on Multivariate splines and their applications.
  29.  One-hour lecture at the ICODMIC Conference on Geometry at IIT Delhi,  Dec 1993,  on Cell-like mappings and cohomological dimesion.
  30. Three one-hour lectures at the Workshop on Novikov Conjecure at the Indian Statistical Institute, Calcutta,  Dec 1993,  on  Novikov Conjecture and the cyclic  cohomology.
  31. Colloquium Lecture at the University of Hawaii at Manoa,  Summer 1993,  on  Projective dimensions of spline module.
  32. Delivered Prof. Hans Raj Gupta Memorial Award lecture at the annual conference of the Indian Mathematical Society in Muzaffarpur, 1993.
  33. Two one-hour seminar lectures at the University of Calgary,  Summer 1994,  on  Seifert Fiber Bundles and their Fundamental Groups.
  34. Two one-hour lectures at the University of Allahabad,  Feb 1995,  on Transformation Groups and the Smith Theory.
  35. One hour lecture at the National Conference on Geometry and Topology,  R.D.University,  Jabalpur,  Dec 18-22, 1995 on Cohopficity of the Manifold groups.
  36. Colloquium Lecture at the M.S.University,  Baroda,  Jan 1986,  on Discrete Groups and Discontinuous Actions.
  37. Colloquium Talk at the University of Auckland,  New Zealand,  April 98,  on  Spline modules and their freeness.
  38. Half hour invited talk at the American Mathematical Society meeting at Toronto,  Sep 2000 on  Free actions on products of spheres.
  39. Presidential lecture (General), Indian Mathematical Society Annual Conference at Aurangabad,  Dec 19, 2000.
  40. Presidential Lecture (Technical) at the Indian Math Soc Annual Conference at Aurangabad,  Dec 19, 2000,  on Methods of algebraic topology in transformation  groups.
  41. Twelve Lectures at the University of Arkansas,  USA on Smith Theory,  Fall 2001.
  42. Two and half lectures at the workshop on Topological methods in Group Theory at IMSc, Chennai July 2002.
  43. Inaugural address of the Jammu Mathematical Society and one technical talk on Algebraic Toplogy in reverse gear at University Jammu, Jammu, Feb 2003.
  44. Inaugural key note address on Conference on Algebra, Analysis and Topology at AMU, Aligarh, March 2003.
  45. Invited lecture on Cohomological Dimension Theory in the conference on Recent trends in Mathematics at University of Allahabad, Allahabad, Dec 2003.
  46. Two talks on "Cohomological Dimension Theory" at IISc, Bangalore, 2004
  47. Invited talk on "The Dynamics of Contractibility", Department of Mathemaitcs, University of Jammu, Jammu, Feb 2005
  48. Three lectures at AFS II on "Simplicial Homology Theory" at HRI, Allahabad, Dec 2004
  49. Invited talk on "Michael's problem on strict contractibility" IISc, Bangalore, 2005
  50. Two talks on "Simplicial Homology" during the annual conference of RMS, University of Calicut, Calicut , 2005
  51. Two talks on "Sheaf Theory and Complex analysis", Department of Mathematics, BHU, Varanasi , Jan 2006
  52. Popular talk on "Poincare Conjecture and 3-manifolds", Annual Conference of International Academy of Physical Sciences, Meerut University Meerut. Jan 2006
  53. Two lectures on "Homology and Dimension" at the University of Poona, Pune under DSA programme, 2006
  54. Story of "Poincare conjecture and Ricci flow,"  Bharat Ganit Parishad, University of Lucknow, Lucknow, Nov 2006
  55. Invited talk on "Group of homeomorphisms of the long line", IMS conference at R.D.University Jabalpur Dec 2006
  56. Six lectures on "Homology of Group Actions" University of Arkansas, USA Spring 2007
  57. Invited talk on "Cohomological Dimension and the Dranishnikov's Theorem" RMS annual conference at IITK, Kanpur May 2008
  58. Two lectures on “Mapping class groups of the product of long rays”, at the Ramanujan Institute of Mathematics, Chennai, March 2008.
  59. Five lectures on Algebraic Topology, SPIM at HRI, Allahabad, Summer 2008.
  60. On history and proof of the Poincare conjecture , Training Programme in Linear algebra and Analysis, BHU, Varanasi, Oct, 2008.
  61. Eight Lectures on Differential Topology , ATM programme in Mathematics of NBHM, Punjab University, Chandigarh, Dec 2008.
  62. Mapping class groups and nonmetrizable manifolds, Special lecture, University of Delhi, South Campus, Delhi, Dec 2008
  63. Cohomological dimension and compactifications , International conference on mathematics, HRI, Allahabad, March 2009
  64. Dimension theory- from Lebesgue to Dranishnikov, International Conference on Recent Trends in Analysis and Applications, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi, March 2009.
  65. Birth and Youth of Algebraic Topology, DRS lecture at R.D.University, Jabalpur, April 2010.
  66. Homology and Manifolds, DRS lecture at AMU, Aligarh, April 2010.
  67. Landmark Counterexamples in Cohomological Dimension Theory, Presidential Lecture (Maths and Stats), Indian Science Congress, Chennai, 2011.
  68. Algebraic Equations, Utsahi Physics Teachers Workshop, IIT, Kanpur
  69. Open Problems in Mathematics, Conference on Developments in Mathematics, Inaugural  Address at MNNIT, Allahabad, Oct 2012
  70. Birch’s Conjecture and its generalizations, Conference on Developments in Mathematics, Keynote Address at MNNIT, Allahabad, Oct 2012
  71. On Tverberg Theorem and its Colored Version, Presidential Lecture (Physical Sciences), NASI annual session at BHU, Nov 2012
  72. On Geometric Constructions and Historical Problems, RDVV, Jabalpur, DRS lectures, Nov 2012.

73.  Polynomial Equations, NASI Extension Lecture at ECC, Allahabad (Jan 2013)



Lectures: UGC Refresher Courses/ DST Inspire:

1.     Two, one-and-half-hour lectures at the Refresher course in Mathematics at  the BHU,  Varanasi,  on  The Bair Category Theorem, Dec 1990.
2.     Four, one-and-half-hour lectures at the Refresher Course in Mathematics at the Aligarh Muslim University on Basic Algebraic Topology, Jan 1991.
3.     Six, one-hour lectures at the Sambalpur University, Sambalpur on Multivariate Calculus, Dec 1993.
4.     Four, one-hour lectures at the University of Allahabad on Calculus on Manifolds, Oct 1994.
5.     Six, one-hour lectures at the University of Allahabad on Fubini Theorem, March 1995.
6.       Five, one-hour lectures at the University of Delhi on Basic Topology March 28 - April 02, 1994.
7.     Four, one-hour lectures, at the University of Allahabad on Transformation Groups, April 1995.
8.     Six, one-and-half-hour lectures, at the R.D.University, Jabalpur on Linear Algebra and Rigid Motions,  October 1995.
9.     Four lectures on "Search for multiplication on Euclidean spaces" University of Allahabad, All'd, Feb 2008.
10.  Six lectures on "Quaternions, Octonions and division algebras" University of Poona, Pune, March 2008.
11.  Inspire Lecture at SRTMU, Nanded, June 2012
12.  Inspire Lecture at Institute of Homopathy at Etawa, UP., July 2012



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