Publications of the String Theory Group

Calendar Year January 2016 - December 2016
  • Non-BPS interactions from the type II one loop four graviton amplitude Anirban Basu (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.) e-Print: arXiv:1601.04260

  • Inflationary observables and moduli masses Das Kumar (Saha Inst.), Koushik Dutta (CAPSS, Kolkata), Anshuman Maharana (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.). 2015. Published in PoS PLANCK2015 (2015) 039

  • 3d Deconfinement, Product gauge group, Seiberg-Witten and New 3d dualities Keita Nii (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.) e-Print: arXiv:1603.08550

  • Cutkosky Rules for Superstring Field Theory Roji Pius (Perimeter Inst. Theor. Phys.), Ashoke Sen (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.). Apr 6, 2016. 52 pp. e-Print: arXiv:1604.01783

  • Non--analytic terms from nested divergences in maximal supergravity Anirban Basu (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.) e-Print: arXiv:1604.02667

  • Exact WKB Analysis of N = 2 Gauge Theories.
    Sujay K. Ashok (IMSc, Chennai), Dileep P. Jatkar (Harish-Chandra Res. Inst.), Renjan R. John, Madhusudhan Raman (IMSc, Chennai), Jan Troost (Ecole Normale Superieure).
    e-Print: arXiv:1604.05520

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