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Upcoming String Theory Seminar

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Venue: Seminar Room in the String Area

Date: June 27, 2017

Time: 16:00 hrs

Tea will be served at 15:45 hrs


Past Seminars

Title Speaker Date
Machine learning for the string landscape Harold Erbin Mar. 6, 2018
A first principle and its consequences Ritabrata Bhattacharya Feb. 27, 2018
A spin on gravitational radiation from the classical double copy Siddharth Prabhu Jan. 15, 2018
Construction of infrared finite gravitational S-matrix Biswajit Sahoo Dec. 28, 2017
Remarks on Quantum Quenches and their Bulk Duals Nilakash Sorokhaibam Dec. 20, 2017
A new scenery in the string landscape Diego Gallego Dec. 18, 2017
Testing Subleading Multiple Soft Graviton Theorem for CHY Prescription Sitender P. Kashyap Sept. 25, 2017
Where does the moon shine? Abhishek Chowdhury Sept. 14, 2017
N=1 Lagrangians for genralized Argyres-Douglas theories Prarit Agarwal Sept. 12, 2017
Celestial sphere and unitary representation of the homogeneous Lorentz group Shamik Banerjee Sept. 6, 2017
Thermalization of 2-point functions in AdS/CFT Nilakash Sorokhaibam August 14, 2017
Fermions in Mellin space Mritunjay Verma July 21, 2017
The search for the massive integrated vertex in pure spinors Sitender P. Kashyap July 20, 2017
Theta expansion of massive vertex in pure spinor Subhraneel Chakrabarti July 19, 2017
Sub-leading Soft Graviton Theorem for Multiple Soft Graviton Biswajit Sahoo July 17, 2017
Studying the chaos behaviour of the SYK model with a chemical potential Ritabrata Bhattacharya July 17, 2017
Thermostatic properties of Holographic superfluids K. P. Yogendran June 20, 2017
Hyperbolic Geometry of string perturbation theory Ritabrata Bhattacharya April 19, 2017
Exact Lattice Supersymmtery Anosh Joseph April 12, 2017
Quantum Cosmology in Four Dimensions Teresa Bautista March 1, 2017
Hyperscaling violation and the shear diffusion constant Debangshu Mukherjee Feb. 15, 2017
N=1 Lagrangians and the full superconformal index for Argyres-Douglas theories Prarit Agarwal Dec. 27, 2016
Fundamental Flavours, Veneziano Limit and Holography: A continuing story and open problems Arnab Kundu Dec. 2, 2016
Fundamental Flavours, Veneziano Limit and Holography Arnab Kundu Nov. 29, 2016
A Membrane Paradigm : The Next to Leading Order Story and instability Subhajit Majumdar Nov. 22, 2016
4D N=1 Supersymmetry and it's breaking Biswajit Sahoo August 29, 2016
Recent Developments in 2d Rational Conformal Field Theory Sunil Mukhi August 18, 2016
Big crunch singularities in AdS and relevant deformations of CFT's Vlad Vaganov August 17, 2016
Causality constraint on conformal field theory Sachin Jain August 3, 2016
Supersymmetry and its breaking Biswajit Sahoo July 28, 2016
Proving relations between modular graph functions Anirban Basu July 12, 2016
Exact WKB method for Omega-deformed Seiberg-Witten theory Dileep Jatkar April 12, 2016
Lectures on Janis-Newman algorithm Harold Erbin April 10, 2016
Smooth Causal Patches for AdS Black Holes Suvrat Raju April 7, 2016
Noise Kernel for self similar Tolman Bondi Metric: Fluctuations at Cauchy Horizon Seema Satin April 5, 2016
Internal Structure of Charged AdS Black Holes Amitabh Virmani April 1, 2016
On Non-Extremal Black Hole Microstates Amitabh Virmani March 31, 2016
De Sitter extremal surfaces and entanglement entropy in some ghost CFTs K. Narayan March 22, 2016
2d gravity with non-conformal matter and Mabuchi theory Corinne de Lacroix March 15, 2016
How to make a 3d duality Keita Nii March 9, 2016
What is the dual of two entangled CFTs? Samir Mathur Jan. 19, 2016
The resolution of an entropy puzzle for 4D non-BPS black holes in supergravity Ivano Lodato Dec. 15, 2015
Semicontinuity of 4d N= 2 spectrum under renormalization group flow Sitender P. Kashyap Dec. 4, 2015
Three-dimensional Mirror Symmetry and Linear Quivers Anindya Dey Dec. 1, 2015
Conformal Invariance in Inflation Nilay Kundu Sept. 3, 2015

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