Some of my articles

  • Here, is an article   Tianenmen Square, June 1989   that I wrote
    after I returned from a ten day visit to China. (We were unfortunate
    enough to have been in Beijing during the Tianamen Square massacre).

  • A resident's perspective on the   KumbhMela ,
    which was held in Allahabad for 6 weeks in January-February 2013,
    with some related photos .

    My artwork

  • I enjoy sketching and painting, mainly portraits. A few of my  favourite portraits and a few other   other paintings .


  • I am interested in (and learn) North Indian classical music
    ( although my preference is for the lighter versions such as dadra and thumri
    and Hindi film music).

    Favourite popular science writers

  • AI or Artificial Intelligence. (My favourite author is Douglas Hofstadter. I have been a fan of his ever since I heard a talk by him in Stonybrook in the early eighties on Godel, Escher and Bach).

  • Evolutionary Biology. (Here, again I got interested through the books of Stephen Jay Gould. I heard a very nice talk by him at Fermilab in the mid-eighties. Another very good writer is Richard Leakey.)

  • Genetics and Memetics. ( Richard Dawkins is perhaps the most readable here.)