Research Interests

I have been working mainly in condensed matter physics for the last several years, although my PhD and early career was in the field of high energy particle physics. In the last few years, my research work has mainly been in the field of correlated mesoscopic physics in low dimensions.

My current interests include

Junctions in quantum wires

STM probes of helical Luttinger liquids
Multiple wire junctions with p-wave superconductors
Spin transport with superconducting junctions
Junctions of quantum Hall edge states

Graphene and its cousins

Transport through silicene junctions with ferromagnets and with superconductors

Topological insulators and its cousins

Helical edge states of topological insulators
Weyl semi-metals and junctions with superconductors

Spin liquid phases

Majorana modes and topological order in one-dimensional Kitaev-like models

Quantum Hall effect

Edge reconstruction in the quantum hall system

Non-abelian statistics

Majorana fermions
Topological phases and non-abelian anyons
Chern-Simons theories and their relation to braiding statistics of anyons

Click research summary for a detailed research summary including my earlier work in particle physics.