Here I put links to some of the photographs taken by me. For the time being I will route you to my yahoo-photo page, later (don't ask me when, I don't know!) I plan to prepare a consistent album set directly in my webpage. The main general complain against yahoo-photo album is that, the resolution is sometime lost due to auto reduction in size, and aspect ratio gets messed up as well. I too have experienced these. However, still you can have a look at those photos linked here, and if you would like to see (or to have one for your own!) any particular photo(s) from that collection, write me, provide the reference, I will try to mail you the actual image, large, and freed of any noticeable distortion.

Usually I do not like digital cameras, I prefer the classical film ones. Most of the photos here are taken using Nikon N-65 SLR. The lenses used are 28 - 80 mm Nikkor AF-G and 70 - 300 mm Nikkor AF-G tele-zoom. Occasionally a circular polarizer has been used, otherwise UV filters are used as usual. For B/W photos, I used Kodak 400 and for colour, I used Kodak 100, 200 and 400.

Here goes the links:

1) The death camps in Poland: After the blood shedding Gujarat ethnic cleansing by our 'patriotic' and 'religious' butchers and blood-hounds, I got involved in a project on genocide, its social and political impact. And wanted to make some documentaries (at least in a preliminary level, i.e. a collection of still photographs along with some back ground voice, something like that) to show the common people to let them realize that it is far better to live as an ordinary human being, rather than becoming a patriotic beast, or a religious rouge. As a part of this project, I visited some of the most prominent concentration camps (death camps, or extermination camps, as these are known as well). Here are some of the photos, with and without documentations.

  1. Auschwitz Concentration Camp (I believe I need not have to spend many words to describe what it was, everyone with a little socio-political exposure should be aware of this name).
  2. Majdanek Death Camp . Not quite well known to the outer world, but this was one of the three largest death camps in Poland. This camp retains its original horrifying set up. It is in Lublin, Poland.
  3. Treblinka Extermination Camp . The second largest death camp in Poland. Nothing remains here. The authority erected a number of monuments. But it is worth going here to feel the threatening atmosphere. Also for Indians (and especially for Bengali's), it might be interesting to know that this camp has some connection with one Play by Tagore, the 'Post Office' (DAKGHOR, in Bengal). Please see this page for detail.

If you are further interested to know the details about this death camps, there are plenty of online sources in Net. Look for any reasonably configured website on Holocaust. I myself plan to prepare a list of resources when I will have some free time. Before that, either you can write me to get the appropriate references, or visit this page for a virtual tour to those camps (amazingly detail).

2) Warsaw: One of my favourite cities in the world. I roamed around along the streets thousand and one times, and took a large number of photographs. Click here to see some of those.

3) Frederick Chopin: Zelazowa Wola, a small tranquil village 55 km away from Warsaw, is the birthplace of this famous Polish composer. International Chopin society (HQ in Warsaw) commemorated that large manor house as Chopin Museum at Zelazowa Wola. (There is another, and main, Chopin museum in Warsaw, housed at Ostrogski Palace). Every Sunday Piano recital takes place in that manor house, performed by world's best Pianists.

Lazienki (or Lazienski, according to some other people) park, a huge 75 hector spectacular greenery at the heart of Warsaw, is famous for Chopin concert on Sunday afternoon. That IS an experience, perhaps more overwhelming than all my previous experiences, 'concerto' in Paris, Madrid, Royal Albert Hall or UBC.

Click here to see some photographs taken at these two places.

4) Krakow: According to many people, this is the most beautiful city in Poland. Although I did not have such impression (may be because of the fact that I was in deep love with Warsaw), however, maximum number of tourists heading towards Poland, plan to step down at this city. Click here to have a look at some selected photos.

I will keep adding more whenever I will have some free time to do so. You are most welcome to send me your comments.