Computations of arithmetical constants

Collecting references: [Cazaran & Moree, 1999 †Cazaran, J., & Moree, P. 1999
On a claim of Ramanujan in his first letter to Hardy
Expositiones Mathematicae, 17, 289--312. based on a lecture given 01-12-1997 by J. Cazaran at the Hardy symposium in Sydney.
1. Euler products of rational functions
The computation of Euler product of rational function is dealt with in [Moree, 2000 †Moree, P. 2000
Approximation of singular series constant and automata. With an appendix by Gerhard Niklasch
Manuscripta Matematica, 101(3), 385--399.
]. The reader may also consult the following web page.
2. Some special sums over prime values that are derivatives

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