Research Interests

Condensed Quantum Matter : Correlations and Disorder

I am a quantum condensed matter theorist working on problems in which strong correlations among the constituents and disorder play an important role. In particular, I have worked on transition metal oxides such as doped manganites, strain coupling to electronic and spin degrees of freedom, ultracold atoms in optical lattices, low dimensional systems such as quantum Hall gas, superconducting wires, and graphene, and interacting mesoscopic systems

Doped Manganites

Metal-Insulator transitions and colossal magnetoresistance in doped manganites
Anisotropic magnetic phases and excitations in orbitally degenerate double exchange systems
Charge and orbital ordering
Spin-phonon coupling in charge ordered systems
Small Holstein and Jahn-Teller polarons
Microscopic theory of polaronic textures in nonlinear lattices

Low Dimensional Systems

Resistivity oscillations in quantum Hall gas
Transport in inhomogeneous superconducting wires
Dissipative quantum Hall transport in graphene
Quasiparticle lifetime and transport in disordered double-exchange metals

Ultracold Atoms

Correlated cold atoms in optical lattices: phases and excitations
Vortex physics in toroidal traps