I am a theoretical condensed matter physicist, mainly working on Strongly Correlated Systems.

Ultracold atoms in optical lattices provide various opportunities to work on model Hamiltonians of strongly correlated systems with accurate control of system parameters. Possibility of such control on the parameters could be used to mimic many realistic physical systems (such as High-Tc superconductors) and such systems can be used as quantum emulators of real materials.

The possibility of tuning the interaction between atoms through Feshbach resonance has made possible the study of superfluid BCS-BEC crossover in the continuum. After the realization of superfluid state in continuum, the realization of the superfluid state on a lattice was expected to be achieved but this has been hampered by the problem of cooling (entropy removal), and thus continues to remain a challenge.

Presently I am focussing on the real-time implementation of Continuous-time Quantum Monte Carlo (CTQMC) technique. In the past I have worked on Determinantal Quantum Monte Carlo (DQMC) technique and its implementation to various problems.