winter term 2022

Course  "Differentiable Manifolds"

summer term 2022

Course  "p-adic numbers, p-adic analysis, and zeta values"

winter term 2021

Seminar  "Rank of elliptic curves"

winter term 2019/20

Seminar  "Derived Galois deformation rings"

winter term 2017/18

Seminar  "Homological Algebra" 

winter term 2016/17

Seminar "Representation Theory of Finite Groups"

winter term 2015/16

Seminar  "Introduction to p-adic Analysis and p-adic Zeta Functions"

summer term 2015

Seminar "Algebraic Graph Theory"

Seminar "Global Class Field Theory and Complex Multiplication"

winter term 2014/15

Seminar "Linear Coding Theory"

Seminar "Topics in Algebraic Number theory"

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