Young Quantum 2023


Young Quantum - 2023 (YouQu-2023) is a meeting for PhD scholars and post-doctoral fellows to be organized by the Quantum Information and Computation group of Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Prayagraj (Allahabad), which aims to provide a platform for young researchers working in the broad areas of quantum information theory and related fields to encourage discussions and stimulate new collaborations and interactions. The program will include oral and poster presentations by PhD scholars and post-doctoral fellows.

Please note that due to the high number of applications and the limited logistics (accommodation, auditorium capacity, etc.) available at our institute, we, unfortunately, could not have as many posters, talks and participants as we wanted. If there are cancellations, we will get back to you and request you to present a talk or poster as applicable.


  • Talks and posters are uploaded at the corresponding title in the schedule.
  • Talks would be for 25 mins, with an additional 5 mins for QnA, participants are requested to prepare accordinly.
  • Participants are requested to prepare their posters in A0 size, in landscape mode.
  • Please write back to us, if you have not recieved the lastest email on travel details.
  • List of participants has been updated.
  • Schedule and abstract has been updated.


      Quantum Information & Computation Group

      Harish-Chandra Research Institute

      Chhatnag Road, Jhunsi



      email: confqic[at]


  • Arun Kumar Pati

  • Aditi Sen(De)

  • Debraj Rakshit

  • Subinay Dasgupta

  • Ujjwal Sen


  • Abhay Srivastav
  • Abhishek Muhuri
  • Ahana Ghoshal
  • Amrita Mandal
  • Aparajita Bhattacharyya
  • Arghya Maity
  • Ayan Patra
  • Ayan Sahoo
  • Brij Mohan
  • Debarupa Saha
  • Deepti Sharma
  • Divyansh Shrimali
  • Ganesh Chandra
  • Keshav Das Agarwal
  • Kornikar Sen
  • Paranjoy Chaki
  • Pritam Halder
  • Priya Ghosh
  • Ratul Banerjee
  • Rivu Gupta
  • Sayan Mondal
  • Sohail
  • Som Kanjilal
  • Srijon Ghosh
  • Suchetana Goswami
  • Swapnil Bhowmick
  • Swati Choudhary
  • Tanoy Kanti Konar
  • Tanaya Ray
  • Vivek Pandey