Useful information

International Airport

  The nearest well-connected international airport is New Delhi, which is well-connected with most of the major cities of world. The closer, Varanasi airport has a few international flights.

Arriving to Prayagraj

By air

  The nearest airport to HRI is Bamrauli Airport, Prayagraj.   Prayagraj airport is 30 km from HRI. For catching the vehicle sent by HRI, you are requested to leave the airport building but not the premises, where a cab driver will wait for you with a placard having "HRI" written on it.

  The other option will be to fly to Varanasi and drive to Prayagraj. The drive takes about three hours.

By train

  Prayagraj is well connected by trains to all the major cities in India. . Please note that you need to arrive at Prayagraj Junction (PRYJ). For trains that do not stop at the Prayagraj Junction station (PRYJ), you may have to alight at Cheoki, Prayagraj City Station (PRRB) (also called Rambagh), Prayag Junction. These latter ones are not well-connected to other parts of the city. Cheoki is significantly outside the city. For these stations, trying to rent a vehicle yourself for getting to HRI is strongly discouraged.


Arriving to HRI

  We will be arranging a car to pick you from Prayagraj Junction Railway Station (PRYJ). Please take the exit towards the "Civil lines" side, walk till HOTEL POLOMAX and look for a person with the "HRI" placard in front of the hotel. The hotel is INSIDE the station complex. The Institute campus is 13 kms away from the Prayagraj Junction. The train station has two sides namely `City side' and `Civil Lines side'. Please do not go out of the station through the City side.


  Vehicles will also be sent to the other stations and the airport in Prayagraj.


  You may have to share the cab if there are multiple (almost) simultaneous arrival of participants. Request the cab driver to take you to the HRI guest house and to wait there for some time. Some of you are accommodated in apartments on campus and after registering your entry at the Guest House, the same cab will be able to take you to those apartments. You are requested to write down any problems you face or any complaints you have regarding pick-up/drive on the form the cab driver will hand over to you at the end of the journey.

  In Prayagraj, Harish-Chandra Research Institute is known as "HRI".