International Workshop on Quantum Information

An International Workshop on Quantum Information (IWQI-2012) will be held during 20 -26 February, 2012 at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad, India.

In this program, we wish to include recent developments in areas related to quantum information, quantum computation, and foundational aspects of quantum mechanics.

Some pictures of the HRI campus.

You are requested to complete the registration form, if you are interested to attend the program. In addition, if you would like to present a talk or a poster, please complete the form for the submission of abstracts. The deadline for registration as well as the submission of abstract is 30 November, 2011. We encourage everyone, especially the students, to stay for the whole duration and leave either early on 27 Feb. or late on 26 Feb.

We will provide local hospitality including accommodation. Due to the limited availability of accommodation, we will have to provide shared accommodation to speakers and participants.

A limited number of travel support is also available upon request.

There is no registration fee.

Scientific Organizing Committee:

  • GS Agarwal, Oklahama
  • CH Bennett, Yorktown Heights
  • SL Braunstein, York
  • H Briegel, Innsbruck
  • D Bruss, Dusseldorf
  • R Ghosh, New Delhi
  • L Hardy, Waterloo
  • R Horodecki, Gdansk
  • Anil Kumar, Bengaluru
  • M Lewenstein, Barcelona
  • AK Rajagopal, Bengaluru
  • SM Roy, Mumbai
  • R Simon, Chennai
  • M Zukowski, Gdansk


  • Arun Kumar Pati
  • Aditi Sen De
  • Ujjwal Sen

Local Organizing Committee:

  • Manabendra Nath Bera
  • Anindya Biswas
  • Prabhu R.

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