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Life beyond Campus

Harish-Chandra Research Institute is located in the small town of Jhusi by the river Ganges. It is located amidst rural surroundings, which adds to the idyllic charm of the neighbourhood, and to the serene life on campus. Far from the hustle and bustle of the city of Allahabad, the surroundings provide perfect atmosphere for contemplation for the residents of the institute.

There are a couple of shops right outside campus to cater to the basis needs of the campus residents. However, to cater to the various other needs of the residents, an autorickshaw service can be availed on payment basis to access nearby locations from campus. In particular, it is an easy means of conveyance to go to the neighbouring Anwar market or Janseva Medical store for example, where people can buy various things easily. Also there are regular bus services which start early in the morning and continue till late at night to take and bring back campus residents to and from the main city of Allahabad. The bus schedules are so arranged that the children on campus can attend their schools during the daytime. There are also bus routes to other parts of the city prior to evening which people find useful. From late afternoon onwards, the bus routes extensively cover parts of Allahabad city which are most vibrant. These include the regions of Chowk, Katra and Civil Lines.

Chowk is part of the old city of Allahabad, full of colourful and crowded shops selling clothes, jewellery and other sundry things. The area is particularly a crowd puller because of its mouth watering open air restaurants which serve excellent traditional Nawabi cuisine. Katra is a somewhat more modern part of the city known for its shops which sell good quality items at reasonable prices.


Figure 1: Khusrau Bagh

Civil Lines is the heart of modern Allahabad, which is the place people most frequent in the evenings, particularly over the weekends. It is the central place of the city which is the meeting place of people from all around. Centred around the majestic Subhas Chauraha, it has several restaurants where students and faculty spend many evenings indulging in the fine culinary delights they offer. El Chico, Kanha Shyam, Friends, Connoisseur, Subway, KFC, MacDonalds, Hot Stuff, Moti Mahal, Tunde Kebab, Lasiz Darbar, Aryans, Delhi Galiara, Tamarind Tree, Blue Sapphire, Hasty Tasty, Dominos, Pizza Hut and several other restaurants are names the alumni swear by years after they leave the institute.


Figure 2: Church in Civil lines

There is also a PVR which houses Pantaloons, Spencers, a movie multiplex, several other shops for fashionable clothing,  and even a Habib's hair saloon for the sophisticated. Big Bazaar and Bazaar Kolkata are also within a stone’s throw from there. Raj Karan Palace and the Palace are other movie halls right around the corner. Apart from King's Medical Store, Civil Lines also boasts of several shops which sell everything else like clothes, jewellery, shoes, books, etc. In the immediate vicinity lie the majestic Hanuman Mandir and the imposing cathedral of the city. Thus a visit to the city for an enjoyable evening is often something the campus residents look forward to eagerly.


Figure 3: Anand Bhavan

Allahabad is home to a planetarium, the historic Anand Bhavan and Nehru museum, and the Allahabad University. It has a major railway station and a small airport with flights to and from Delhi and Mumbai. It has several parks like Chandrasekhar Azad park, Purushottam Das Tandon park, Sumitranandan Pant park, among others where people go to enjoy quiet hours amidst the green trees and the greener grass. The Khusro bagh where Aamir Khusro spent some of his most productive years and the Minto park where Earl Canning read out Queen Victoria’s proclamation of transfer of control over India from the East India Company to the British government, are some of the interesting historical places on the tourist map of Allahabad.


Figure 4: Allahabad Museum

Among the various charming aspects of the city of Allahabad, no list is complete without mention of the Sangam, the place of confluence of Ganges, Yamuna and the mythical Saraswati. People in lakhs flock to the Sangam every year making it a central attraction for sight seeing and pilgrimage. The annual Magh Mela held during the winter month of Magh on the bed of the largely dried up Ganges is a true spectacle that is a joy to behold. But of course, the grandeur and the magnitude of all this fades in comparison to the Kumbh Mela which is held once every twelve years in Allahabad. The largest religious festival in the world witnesses the influx of several crores of people to the city. Spread over period of about two months, this is a source of wonder to the beholder, simply in terms of its vastness and the cosmopolitan nature of the festival.

Allahabad is a city of various hues, and one has to live here to appreciate its beauty. Harish-Chandra Research Institute offers the students this unique opportunity to be part of a vibrant academic community and to relish the various delights of the city.


Figure 5: Baobab tree near the Sangam

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