I am from Kerala, a beautiful southern state in India. My home town is called Balussery, in Kozhikode district. The picture on the right  gives you a glimpse of my village  where you can  also see  a  small bus stop, a mosque and a few shops etc.

          My hobbies? Of course creative mathematics is a hobby for any real mathematician. I also listen to music, and enjoy cooking! Cooking is indeed relaxing and fun and I think it is also an art.

          I also I get involved in many interesting creative projects, at times  I feel free. My latest project and possibly the best so far, is my DIY LCD Projector, seen on the wall in the picture below. ( DIY stands for Do it Yourselves). For details about these, please visit my blog.

My LCD projector  ( fitted on the wall )

The local bus stop in my village


My family