My area of specialisation is Harmonic analysis. I started my research with harmonic analysis of Hermite, Special Hermite and Laguerre differential operators. The study was mainly concerned with the analysis of wave equations associated with these operators in terms of certain spherical mean value operators associated with these operators.

       I have also worked on some integral geometry type questions on the Heisenberg group, and also on an endpoint estimate for the spherical maximal operator on constant curvature spaces, and more general rank one symmetric spaces as well.

      The areas of Mathematics that I like are the ones related to Mathematical Physics. In particular, I  have a keen interest in PDE, Differential Geometry and Classical Mechanics, apart from Harmonic Analysis, which is my main area of research.

      I am interested in the application of Harmonic analysis methods in PDE.  So decided to start with Schroedinger equation, which brings one close to Quantum Mechanics, an interesting area of physics that involving a lot of Mathematical Machinery, particularly Analysis. I came across a small and cute book on quantum mechanics, written for mathematicians , by F. Strocchi entitled  “An Introduction to the Mathematical Structure of Quantum Mechanics”.  Published by World Scientific,

Advanced series in Mathematical Physics-Vol 27.             It is simply fun to read...

My publications are only a few, but you may like to go through some of them.

You can download them  here.  I tried to see that my papers are easy to read.