I have taught the following subjects at the level of

M.Sc. / Ph.D. course work.

1. Real Analysis

2. Measure and Integration

3. Harmonic Analysis

4. Ordinary Differential Equations

5. Partial Differential Equations

6. Mathematical Methods

7. Classical Mechanics

8. Algebraic Topology

Mini Courses:  (Given in workshops & conferences)

1. Basic Differential Geometry              (Summer Programme in Mathematics, 2007)

2. Elementary Fourier Analysis            (Summer Programme in Mathematics, 2008)

3. Lectures in Measure Theory              (Summer Programme in Mathematics, 2009)

  1. 4.Lectures on Weyl Quantisation        (Discussion Meeting on Geometry & Analysis,


  1. 5.Lectures in Fourier Analysis            (School on Analysis, Algebra and Topology,

                                                                       Kerala School of Mathematics, 2010)