The Quantum Information and Computation (QIC) Group at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI), Allahabad is involved in research on a wide spectrum of topics in quantum information and computation. This includes quantum algorithms, quantum communication, quantum cryptography, and theory of entanglement. The QIC group also actively works in the recently developing field at the interface of quantum many-body physics and quantum information. Other interests include realizable quantum computers in ultra-cold gases and in quantum optical systems. We also work on foundations of quantum mechanics, geometric phases, quantum information processing in the presence of closed time like curves and related issues.

    • Conference for young researchers: YoQu-17, Feb 27 - March 1, 2017.

    • A. K. Pati and his collaborators have recently discovered a new uncertainty relations beyond Heisenberg limit. Their work has been featured in this news article.

    • Ujjwal Sen, Aditi Sen(De) and Himadri Shekhar Dhar are in the news! Their work has been selected by the editors of New Journal of Physics for the inclusion in exclusive 'Highlights of 2013' collection. Formal certificate from the NJP team can be found here.

    • Aditi Sen(De) has been awarded the Buti Foundation Award of Indian Physics Association for the year 2013.

    • A. K. Pati has been elected Fellow of "The National Academy of Sciences, India" and "The Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore India".

    • A. K. Pati has also been honoured with K. P. Chair Professor position in Department of Mathematics, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China for the period 2013-2015.