Workshop on Harmonic Analysis:
Fourier Multipliers and Related Topics
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An essential foundational issue in harmonic analysis is comprehending the boundedness features of Fourier multipliers between Banach function spaces. This workshop aims to teach the broad theory of Fourier multipliers on Lebesgue spaces and cover some important tools used in the study, such as maximal functions, singular integrals, and Littlewood-Paley square functions. Applications to PDEs and related subjects like PseudoDifferential Operators, Bi-Linear Fourier Multipliers, Restriction Theorem, and others will also be discussed.

Our program comprises the following research topics:

which have mutual interconnections.



Prof. Ratnakumar P.K., Dr. Tuhin Ghosh, Dr. Amrita Ghosh
Harish Chandra Research Institute.


The workshop is funded by the DAE, India.