Harish-Chandra Research Institute

The Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI) is a premier institution dedicated to research in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics.

The areas of focus in Mathematics are Algebra, Analysis, Geometry, and Number Theory. In Physics the areas are Astrophysics, Condensed Matter, Particle Physics, Quantum Information, and String Theory. The institute runs a Ph.D programme in both Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, and has recently started an M.Sc. programme in Physics. The institute also has a visiting students' programme for bachelors and masters students; and actively runs various outreach programmes.

In the past two decades HRI has had significant impact in both research and education in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Awards conferred on faculty members include one Dirac Medal, five Bhatnagar Awards and one Padma Bhushan. Around fifty alumni of the institute hold faculty positions in premier scientific institutions in the country.

Admission in Physics

HRI conducts an M.Sc and a Ph.D. programme in physics. The Ph.D. programme is open to students with an M.Sc. degree in physics, while the M.Sc. programme is open to students with a Bachelor's degree in science or engineering.

Selection process for Admissions 2022 is open now. For details of the selection process for admission to the Physics M.Sc. and Ph.D.programs, Click here >>

Admission in Mathematics

HRI conducts a regular Ph.D. program in mathematics, in collaboration with the Homi Bhaba National Institute (HBNI). The program is open to students with a M.Sc. degree in mathematics.

Selection process for Admissions 2021 is open now. For details of the selection process for admission to the Mathematics Ph.D.programs, Click here >>


  • SPIM-2022 will take place at HRI during June 27-July 16, 2022: Click here
  • Math PDF Selections February 2022 at HRI. For the result: Click here
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  • Prof. Aditi Sen De has been elected a Fellow of the Indian Academy of Sciences: Click here
  • Dr Sudip Chakraborty has been selected as one of the ACS Materials Rising Stars of 2022 by the American Chemical Society:
  • Notice regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus): Click here

Upcoming Seminars/Colloquia

  • 24-05-2022, Mathematics Seminar Combinatorial Brill-Noether Theory via Lattice Points and Polyhedra by Manjunath Madhusudan , Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, India

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