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Visiting Students Programme (VSP) in Physics

We run a Visiting Students Programme (VSP) in Physics for which students in M.Sc, B.Tech and final year B.Sc programmes are eligible. Selected students would work in some area of physics under the guidance of a faculty member or a postdoctoral fellow. At the end of the project the students are expected to present a seminar on their work.

Visiting Students are expected to stay here for a period of at least four weeks during any time of the year which is mutually convenient. The maximum duration of stay is 8 weeks. There are a large number of applicants in summer, and few advisers, so your chances are better if you apply during some other time of the year.

The selection is based on the student's academic record and letters of recommendation. It also depends on the availability of a faculty member here to guide the student during the proposed period. The selected students will be paid to and fro (II class sleeper) rail fare, provided accommodation on campus, and paid a stipend to cover local expenses.

Applicants must mention if they are eligible for KVPY, INSPIRE, Academies or any other similar fellowships. If the applicant is selected and is a recepient of any fellowship, HRI will not cover any expense that the fellowship covers. This will, however, not have any bearing on their selection for the VSP.

Interested students should apply online here. The student should arrange at least one letter of recommendation to be sent to the address physvsprec at hri dot res dot in.

Period of Visit Period of Application**
January - April July 1 - October 31
May - August November 1 - February 28/29
September - December March 1 - June 30

**For a proposed 'period of visit', your application must reach us strictly within the corresponding 'period of application' (neither earlier nor later). In case your 'period of visit' overlaps with two time periods (eg., from mid-December to mid-January), we will consider the start date to determine the 'period of visit' (in this example it will be September-December).

If you have any query please write to us at physvsp at hri dot res dot in.

Postal address:

    Visiting Students Programme in Physics
    Harish-Chandra Research Institute
    Chhatnag Road, Jhusi, Prayagraj (Allahabad) 211 019
    e-mails to: physvsp at hri dot res dot in