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Summer Programme in Mathematics (SPIM) in Mathematics

HRI conducts the Summer Programme in Mathematics (SPIM), a scheme for introducing basic mathematics at Master's level in an interesting way to the highly motivated undergraduates or first year post graduates from various colleges/universities. The programme involves intensive lectures on Algebra (Group Theory, Field Theory and Galois Theory), Analysis (Measure Theory, Functional Analysis, Differential Equations) and Topology (Set Topology up to homotopy theory) over a period of three weeks in the summer of every year.

Students who do well at the SPIM are often invited to spend further periods at HRI, and are considered for admission to the mathematics graduate programme. In the past, this programme has provided HRI with several graduate students.

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4 Year BS / Master's Thesis Visiting Students

The Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI) invites applications from students interested in carrying out their 4 year BS thesis / master's thesis work (as part of degree requirements at their home institution) in Mathematics and Theoretical Physics under the mentorship of HRI faculty.

* Application Process: Students should apply by email to the id: A CV, electronic copies of all grade sheets after 10+2, and a brief description of the proposed thesis plan (along with the name of the proposed mentor at HRI) should be attached to this email. They should request at least one (and upto to two) referees to send letters of reference(s) to the same email id. The subject line of the application email should contain the name of the proposed mentor at HRI. The subject line of the letters of reference should contain the applicant's name. Applicants are encouraged to contact their potential mentors before applying.

* Application deadline: 10 January (every year)

* Selected candidates will be informed by 10 February

* Visit Period: Any duration between 1 August of the year of selection to 30 April of the next calendar year as agreed by the selected student and their mentor (with consent from the student's home institution)

* Selected students will be provided travel reimbursement, accommodation and a stipend as per institute norms.

* Selected students who accept will have to provide a document from their head of department granting them permission for the visit to HRI for 4 year BS thesis / master's thesis work and certifying that the 4 year BS thesis / MSc thesis is part of their degree requirements. The pro forma for this document is below. A soft copy of the document has to be submitted at the time of acceptance, the hard copy at the time of joining.

* Pro Forma