HRI      An Aided Institute of the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India

Computing Facilities

The HRI computer network consists of several workstations for special computing, in addition to desktop computers for all users. There is also a Cluster Computing facility that is used for high performance scientific computing and a Regional Centre for Accelerator based Particle Physics - RECAPP

The core of the network is the Computer Centre, which houses various servers, workstations, and several desktop computers for general use. File and authentication services are exported from the Computer Centre to a large chunk of the network through NFS and LDAP. Apart from the NFS and LDAP clients, users have independent machines that are not clients of the central servers.

The common operating systems used at HRI are Unix clones like GNU/Linux, and Unix-like operating systems such as OpenBSD and FreeBSD. Most software packages, proprietary and open source, that are necessary for research in mathematics and physics, are either already available, or acquired whenever a member of the Institute requests for it.

The network is connected to the Internet through two ISPs. Since the network grows as more people join, the Institute regularly augments the available bandwidth.