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Frequently Asked Questions

About the qualifying test
  • What is the qualifying test for the graduate programs in physics at HRI?

JEST is the qualifying exam for admissions to the M.Sc. as well as the Ph.D. programs in physics at HRI. We also consider students who have qualified UGC-CSIR NET examination. We, however, do not consider GATE scores for admissions.

About the two rounds of interview
  • Will any preference be given to candidates attending the first round of interview?

No. Candidates attending the first or the second round of interview stand the same chance.

  • Will the second round of interviews be held if we select sufficient number of candidates in the first round?

The second round of interviews will be held irrespective of the results of the first round.

  • Do you provide travel support to appear for examination?

No. We do not.

  • What is the tuition and registration fee for the M.Sc. and the Ph.D. programs?

There are no fees for either of these programs at HRI.

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