How can I get access to the cluster facilities?

In order to apply for a new HPCC account, please see Started Page. If you are off-campus or are otherwise not using HRI-Intranet network, you will need to use OpenSSH server public IP (Please contact Systems Manager Mr. Sanjai Verma at Computer Centre).
It is understood that your computational requirements are related to scientific research work and you agree to acknowledge the use of the cluster, as well as allow us to link to the resulting publications from our web pages.
I forgot my password. How can I reset it?

Please contact the Cluster Admin for assistance with resetting your account password .
Do I have to be a member/visitor at the Harish-Chandra Research Institute to get access to cluster facilities?

No, but it helps if you are here for some time so that any teething problems can be sorted out quickly.
Can the cluster facilities be made available for commercial applications?

There is no precedent or formal arrangement for commercial applications. Please contact us with more specific details if you want us to consider your request.
I am having difficulties in using X, who should I approach for help?

You should read the documentation, we have tried to maintain links to documentation for the appropriate version of compilers, libraries, etc. If this does not work then you can approach any of the regular users for help. You can also contact those of us who are managing the cluster.
I require package X for my work, can this be installed on one of the clusters?

If it works on Linux and is distributed freely under the GNU license, as an open source software or in a somewhat restricted manner for scientific use then we should be able to set it up. We will require your help in this as you are likely to be more familiar with the package.
I am finalizing the manuscript of a paper and I have used cluster facilities to do this work. How should we acknowledge the use of cluster facilities?

You should add the following line to acknowledgements in the paper: Computational work for this study was carried out at the cluster computing facility in the Harish-Chandra Research Institute ( And do remember to forward the URL for the electronic version of the paper.