Dileep Jatkar

Dileep  Jatkar
  • Designation: Professor H+ and Acting Director
  • Section: Physics
  • Email: dileep [at]hri.res.in
  • Room: 324
  • Phone Office: +91-532-227 4322
  • Phone Residence: +91-532-227 4022, +91-532-4161

Selected Publications:

  1. Conformal Mass in AdS gravity by Dileep Jatkar , Georgios Kofinas, Olivera Miskovic, Rodrigo Olea preprint Physical Review D arXiv: 1404.1411 2014
  2. Stochastic quantization of conformally coupled scalar in AdS by Dileep Jatkar , Jae-Hyuk Oh preprint JHEP arXiv: 1305.2008 2013
  3. Stochastic quantization and holographic Wilsonian renormalization group by Dileep Jatkar, Jae-Hyuk Oh preprint JHEP arXiv: 1209.2242 2012
  4. Boundary conditions for SU(2) Yang-Mills on AdS4 by Dileep Jatkar, Jae-Hyuk Oh JHEP arXiv: 1203.2106 2012
  5. On the Decay of Massive Fields in de Sitter by Dileep Jatkar , Louis Leblond, Arvind Rajaraman Physical Review D arXiv: 1107.3513 2011

The order of authors in above list of selected publications is NOT the same as in the ACTUAL publication.