Activities in Mathematics

The mathematics group at HRI is involved in research in several areas of mathematics. It also conducts a graduate programme. In addition to regular seminars and colloquia, HRI often hosts conferences on topics of interest to the group.

This page provides information of the activities of the mathematics group.

Summer Programme in Mathematics

HRI conducts the Summer Program in Mathematics (SPIM), a scheme for introducing basic mathematics in Master's level in an interesting way to the highly motivated undergraduates or first year post graduates from various colleges/universities. The programme involves intensive lectures on Algebra (Group Theory, Field Theory and Galois Theory), Analysis (Measure Theory, Basic Complex Analysis) and Topology (Set Topology up to homotopy theory) over a period of three weeks in the summer of every year.

Students who do well at the SPIM are often invited to spend further periods at HRI, and are considered for admission to the mathematics graduate program. The programme has, in the past, provided HRI with several graduate students.

The SPIM website contains more updated information.

Current/Upcoming Seminars/Colloquia

  • 15-10-2019, Mathematics Seminar Harmonic and asymptotically harmonic manifolds in the Finslerian settings by Taha Ebtsam , Harish-Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad, India
  • 15-10-2019, Mathematics Seminar An estimate for the number of zeros of an exponential function in a disc by Shorey T. N. , National Institute of Advanced Studies, Bengaluru, India

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