Graduate studies in Mathematics

HRI conducts a regular Ph.D. as well an integrated M.Sc.-Ph.D. program in mathematics, in collaboration with the Homi Bhaba National Institute (HBNI). The regular Ph.D. program is open to students with a M.Sc. degree in mathematics, while the integrated program is open to candidates with a bachelors degree in science or engineering. The regular program consists of course work and projects for the first four semesters, followed by research work leading to a Ph.D. degree.

Course work

The course work is divided into four semesters spread over a period two years. Each semester is of roughly four months duration. The students are taught basic as well as advanced courses in mathematics and they also get to work on, at least, two projects.

Please see course syllabus for the first two sememsters of the course work.

Please see the mathematics timetable for the schedule of graduate course related activities in mathematics at HRI.

Admission to the graduate programme

For information about admission to the graduate programme in mathematics at HRI, please see the section on admissions.