Activities in Physics

The physics group at Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI) is involved in research in several areas of physics. It also conducts a graduate program. In addition to regular seminars and colloquia, HRI often hosts conferences on topics of interest to the group.

This page provides information of the activities of the physics group.

Visiting Students Programme

HRI conducts the Visiting Students Programme (VSP), a scheme for introducing physics to undergraduates who have spent three or more years at college. The programme involves visiting students working on a select topic for a period of a month at any time of the year which is mutually suitable to the advisor and the visiting student.

See this page for more information on VSP.


Current/Upcoming Seminars/Colloquia

  • 18-06-2019, Strings Seminar Towards Amplituhedron for Scalar Field Theories by Laddha Alok , Chennai Mathematical Institute, Chennai

Current/Upcoming Meetings

  • No events scheduled.

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