Postdoctoral Fellowships in Mathematics

The Harish-Chandra Research Institute (HRI) welcomes applications to its active post-doctoral programme in mathematics. Post-doctoral fellows at HRI have the opportunity to work with the members of the mathematics group in diverse areas including Number Theory, Cryptography, Group Theory, Harmonic Analysis, Mathematical Physics, Representation Theory, and Algebraic Geometry. Post-doctoral fellowships are initially offered for one year, but they can be extended for a period of up to three years. Applications for the fellowships will be considered twice every year, with deadlines on the 31st December and on the 30th June. Applications can be submitted at any time; they will be kept on file until the nearest of the above two deadlines. Application should be sent in a particular session, only if the candidate can join in the immediate session.

The PDF offer will be expired if the candidate fails to join in the given session. The application by such candidates will not be considered again in the next session. Therefore the candidates are advised to choose the session accordingly.

  1. How to Apply
  2. Second Year Extension
  3. Third Year Extension
  4. Obligations